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After jumping though hoops to get the job I was ready for my first paycheck. I knew my direct deposit wouldn't be on for another week so i called and asked how to get my money.

After sitting on hold for 20mins they told me they ship the checks from milwaukee ON PAYDAY FRIDAY. Didn't get my hard earned money till monday.

Next week rolls around finally I get direct deposit. Next week rolls around after a hard days work I find that i'm flat broke.

Called the office where I got hired on, and sat on hold for another 20mins just to hear someone screwed up somewhere and screwed a bunch of people over. Called the help line.

On hold for another 20-25 mins just to hear the someone who screwed up isn't in their office, and thats all that can be done about it because thats how much they care. So basically no one really gives a *** about you, and they seem to practice new ways to *** over.

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Something similar happened to me.. I, along with my teammates, were expecting our first paycheck to be directly deposited.

No one got paid. A manpower staff member had "forgotten" to do her job!

It took a full week for them to correct their error and get everyone paid and caught up. Ridiculous!


Manpower screwed up my pay for seven consecutive weeks The creep that works on their help line is not there to help - she just doles out lip and attitude and does what she can to make sure you never get paid. Even when they told me they were going to money order my pay for their constant failures to pay, they screwed those up too.

NEVER work for these clowns. If you do, don't expect a timely paycheck. Do expect to deal with a surly guttersnipe on the help line when they fail to pay you week after week.

They were one of the worst contract experiences I ever had.

Interestingly, even though they couldn't get my pay to me to save their butts, they never failed to bill the company they sent me to for my time.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #995212

I'm so glad to hear that I was not the only one who had the same experience, which is not surprising. It's been a MONTH AND STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED PAY!!!


What is your complaint exactly? You signed up for Direct Deposit.....(got a hard check in the meantime) the Direct Deposit finally started""".......and then you pisss away all your money between paychecks and want them to cut you a special check to cover your ars.......Welcome to life - learn to budget scooter

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