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My daughter and I got a job through manpower working for Enertronica in Fallon, NV. We worked there for about a month and I was made lead of the Flaggers.

We were sent out to pick up sticks because they had no work and my daughter twister her knee and was on light duty for about three days until the medic released her to go back in the field. We had a lunch room where it was warm until they decided to make it an office and put us out in the field where there was no cover from the cold. They would have us standing in the freezing cold with no work, and when there was work, not all of us were called to work on the truck pulling 100 lb polls of the truck. One of the safely people, Brian, working for Jacobson, came up to me and asked if my daughter was working when he could clearly see her in the truck moving the 100 lb polls with three other people, every muscle in her body was sore the next day.

We left at the end of the day said have a nice night, and get a call from Josh saying not to go back, so I called Jen who is also a manpower employee and my boss at Enertronica and asked her what was going on. She said the they guys said that Sam wasn't working and that I was covering my cigarette butts up with dirt, really I still have the cig butts in my pocket I told her. She said she would talk to the guys and call me back. I get a call back from Josh yelling at me and told me to never call Enertronica again that I work for him.

I asked him what was going on and he just kept yelling at me. I said okay and hung up. We were never called in the office at Enertronica and warned or talked to like everyone else at work, just let go. I know it was Brian because he was the one questioning me and he was waiting in Jens office when I left that Friday.

Jen apparently took his word for it. Josh had no reason to yell at me it was sadly disgusting and so unprofessional and when we tried to get another job through them because we didn't do anything wrong they ignored us. Then when my daughter had finally gotten a job for two days on the weekend with them they said it takes two weeks to the pulmonary test back and the medical place said they send it that day, so they lied to her.

Josh and his side kicks at the office have no business running an office offering people jobs when they are treated with such disrespect. I would never recommend this company to anyone especially not the one in Fallon, and when I called the Reno office when the manager is to complain I got no response their rating from me is a minus 5 star.

Reason of review: Unprofessional.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Josh as the manager.

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Worked about 2 weeks then let go. Maybe I should have signed up with Jacobson an worked with all the pot heads they hired due to no drug testing.

Site 1 had alot of them smoking on an off the field.

An I'm the one out of a job after traveling carpool for over an hour every day to an from work. Shame on them!


To all reading this my name is Brian, the same one brought up in the alleged complaint. I just so happened to stumble upon this doing research on Enertronica's behalf.

Sadly I recognize the individuals in the report and see how far off the report is from what actually happened.First I am contracted from Manpower just the same as the person who made the report, I legally do not speak for manpower. Though I have been promoted since the incident occurred back in November, I had no influence over there position within Enertronica either.The person making the statement was promoted to a leadership position but never performed any of the job activities or requirements. In fact the person making the statement would routinely sit with her daughter while others performed work around them. When they where brought on there wasn't a large amount of work readily available for them is true.

The company still aloud employees to come out and work on site clean up to maintain hours and not be sitting idle. In my personal opinion if you have a problem doing an easy task such as clean up for regular hours pay in the construction industry you are in the wrong line of work. Down time is a natural part of construction and they where lucky the company was willing to pay for around 30 hours for upwards of 70 employees to just "stand around."When the real work came around we where unloading 40ft connex trailers full of lightweight solar table material. Some of the material in the trailers had adjusted and required to be moved by hand for safety purposes.

We broke the labor in to small groups of 4-6 who would then rotate between unloading and break. In a 10 hour day no group had worked more than 3-4 hours except the safety officers (myself) and forklift operators. The daughter did sustain an injury to her knee because she tripped over a root stick up out of the dirt. The company gave her light duty for a few days then she returned back to work.

I am not with the medics and at the time was only an safety officer so I had no information as to when she was returning to work. The reason I didn't see her is because on a construction site everyone looks the same. When everyone wears a hard hat, dark safety glasses, and Hi vis clothing it very easy to mistake people especially when almost everyone is a new employee.Ultimately the pair had their assignments end via Enertronica not Manpower. The lead was let go because she was observed burying cigarette butts in the dirt.

Part of the orientation process is signing a paper that states the person will dispose of all trash in the appropriate containers specifically referencing cigarette butts.As for her daughter I have no information as to why her assignment was ended. My guess would be general laziness.

to Brian #1445918

Again a lie by this person Brian. My daughter was lifting those hundred pound polls that you stood and watched her lift after she hurt her knee and yes it was you who reported a lie because I saw you in the office when I left if this is Safety Brian.

Also if you observed me putting cigarettes but in the dirt then you also observed me picking them up and putting them in pocket. Regarding my position of leadership, other people came up to me about my team to tell me what was going on yes, why, because I could never get a car to check on them because you and other people always had them. I got fired by Enertronica from a Manpower worker and they waited until I was on my way home to call me after she then said let me talk to the boys after talked to her on the phone. I get a call back from Manpower telling not to call them back I don't work for Enertronica I work for them.

So yes my complaint is against Manpower and how they treat their "employees." I would like to thank you for putting you two since in where it doesn't belong once again, and brush your teeth. So I guess my daughters laziness got her hired through another agency for a company on a ninety day assignment and she is already going through the process to hired on full time making better money with assume benefits and not through Manpower because that is the worst company I have ever worked for, you don't treat people like that if you are in a position of power. I will never work for that company again and told them so. You are an uneducated contract worker, working for a company that will not be around here long and will have to find another job, awe.

Don't know if it's true but I heard that person that fired me who worked for Manpower is no longer there. Next time know what you are talking about before you tell lies about people who have kids and get them fired from there jobs.

Your a real piece of work Brian. Just like Manpower.

to Anonymous #1445936

By the way no one there called us into the office and talked to us like they did other people. They just fired us while driving home.

There were people working there, safety officers, that were called in the office for sexual harrassment and talked to and were not supposed to have females in the car with them by themselves but did, fell asleep on the job, and stood around and did nothing yet still worked there when I left. You are or were only a safety person thats it who by the way did work that he was not supposed to be doing on the trucks because you could get fired for it. What kind of piece of *** are you? Karma dude what goes around comes around.

You can't do that to people and not expect for it not to come back to you.

So make all the comments you want on this site and try to act educated you know you did it and you know they are lies. Have a good life, hope you find another job when this one ends to take care of that new baby cause it really is uncool to get people fired right before there birthday or christmas when they have kids.

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