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After spending an endless phone tag, and doing both the office and factory tests with a pass on both, I was told that there were "no jobs available to me at this time." I originally called to re-activate myself with them again and was told that there were jobs over the phone and they wanted me to come in.

So I did and decided, "What the heck, I'll complete both tests so more jobs are available to me!" Apparently, even with my extensive office/clerical and factory experience, nothing was available. Upon leaving I was told that they would call if something came up. Six weeks went by and I did the calling once a week and was still told nothing.

I went out on my own and received an interview with another company that was non-temp agency. I notified Manpower and my staffing agent immediately told me not to go to the interview and said that they had a job that was "Guaranteed hire-on," and to come in to the office to complete the paperwork. Once again, I told the staffing agent that the interview I was having was a reliable long-term job that would have hired me and that if I was to cancel, would the Manpower job be just as good? Her answer was yes and I was to come in immediately. Had I not come in to Manpower, she said that my status with Manpower would be permanently deactivated and I could no longer find work there again. Word for word.

After filling out all the paperwork I started work the next week on Monday. After a week the job was turning out fine. The people were friendly and I got the job done. Next Monday after work I was called by Manpower and told I was no longer working there. Mortified, I asked what happened? I thought this was a guaranteed? I was then notified that, "There are no guaranteed jobs."

Bravo Manpower, Bravo. Not only did I lose an opportunity for a good job, but you put me in a job with no future. Now I'm writing a review for you as I'm homeless in the Library. Thanks for excessively putting me on hold now when I try to call and you make petty remarks as to me not having a permanent address now. Class acts.

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I too wonder why anyone would call up a temp agency and announce they had a job interview. You don't share that sort of information with staffing agencies.

Who you are applying with and interviewing with is your own business.

Having worked in the staffing business, I can tell you finding out who our applicants are interviewing with is information we very much want so WE can contact that employer and see if they would be interested in our staffing services. I hope after 2 years you are working a great job.


Why would you have felt the need to notify Manpower that you were going on a job interview? They had already given you the shaft.

I have never heard of anyone who signs with a temp agency and then calls them up to announce a job interview. You should have just gone to the job interview and the heck with Manpower.

to Anonymous #1220994

So sorry to hear what happened to u with manpower, I've an interview with them but the number they sent me puts me permanently on hold. U seem like a really genuine person who'll get employed soon, hopeully by a company that appreciate you. Good luck.

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