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My experience actually started out very positive but turned awful!!!!!!!!!!!! My "recruiter" took zero responsibility.

So I just started with this company and I was pleasently surprised by getting a call that she found a position that they wanted to place me so I talked to the recruiter over the phone in a short interview and I was excited by the opportunity and the next day she said the company wanted to interview me so everything was going great and then I went to the interview and I know I was very qualified for the position several co workers at my last job worked at this company and the interview was mostly very positive felt like me and the manager had a good conversation and I did my best to ask a lot of questions and she even implied I would do a good job and she did tell !email what the next steps in the hiring process would be so I was pretty positive at this point. So as per my recruiter request I called her after interview left voicemail telling her how I thought it went. This is where it went sour she kept saying she would get back to me never does so I emailed her the week after because She said they should tell me by Friday nothing and of course when Friday rolls around I message her she said the hiring manager just got back from vacation I was ok at that point because that could happen but I should know beginning of next week of course recruiter is nearly impossible to get ahold of and I called her and she just started acting really weird and saying another cannidate was in the same position when she kind of implied I was the only one but again she said she would reach out to them and get back to me that day or the next day at the latest 3 days later still nothing from her and she promised me that at the least she would tell me about other positions I would be a good fit for.

I am sorry that is not professional and NOT OK I was begging her practically for the outcome and it didn't matter to me if it was positive or negative I was just more upset that they couldn't bother to give me an answer zi feel so disrespected and that person should be fired because that's disgusting feeding me a pile of lies. If they didn't want to give me the job it seems like the reason is illigal they just play dumb and fed me lies and I wanted the job and it was a good company, Manpower is a joke seriously that is not a way to do business who could get a job w a recruiter like that!?

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