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Well several months I am trying to look for a job at Manpower then One day they told me that they’re going to hire me at the job that im not even going to put it out there. So on i started working for almost 3weeks and ofcourse i love working there easy for me and my co-workers are so very nice easy going and i love the manager there too, Well suddenly i’ve got a phone call from Manpower saying that they’re going to end my job right away not to come to work the next day so i ask what was wrong and if i did something that i didn’t even knew about, so they told me that there is nothing wrong about me and then the person at Manpower told me that the HR i was working with told her that They are looking for that has have more experience on the Computer, well i told the lady that my boss is teaching me on the computer when they get a chance to train me but also Im helping them getting the orders from the costumer and what ever they are telling me to do I’d do it.

I mean my boss really like me they love working with me but suddenly I don’t know why would the Lady at Manpower would want my job to be ended right away. And so on the next day i didnt come to work in fact i went to my job and get something from my desk that i forgot and i went and talked to my manager about what just happen then she told me that The TEMP AGENCY emailed her saying A LOT OF STUFF about me and making a Lie about it so my Manager did not even email her back because all the stuff that was said about me wasn’t EVEN TRUE because she knew i was working very hard and she doesn’t even know about the HR either that what was said about it too. So The Manager told me that DONT EVEN GO AT THE TEMP AGENCY ANYMORE GO DIRECTLY AND APPLY THERE! ..

Well i did apply directly there because i love working there and she helped me out too how to apply directly back with them.. So what i mean by this is that Manpower is very awfull to find a job with and they Make A LIE out of you and also VERY RUDE!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Manpower Recruitment.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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