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  • Jul 28
  • #890445

Patty in Big Rapids is so rude they lost a huge contract with a company i am with working in Reed City Mi. That company went with trillium and we all are way happy. I even got a raise. If manpower fired Patty they would make ALOT more money !!!!!!

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I am contracted from Manpower to a job place here in Louisiana and I love my job. I just found out that Manpower does not provide paid vacation or paid sick leave. They are not up front about any of this. Anytime I have a question they tell you look in your manual or call the numbers they gave. Well, every time I have called I get a different answer each time. I am very grateful I have a job I love, a paycheck every week and insurance, but I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 08
  • #879257

Y yeah they're dirty they're dirty believe whatever you here they're dirty

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Manpower get me a job working at the Hyundai plant in Enterprise Alabama I had a boss he was Puerto Rican guy Augustus employees and talk nasty to him we had to repair work the day shift messed up I put one little bitty sticker off of this one thing he cussed me saying what the f*** you doing something else the mother f****** do so I call Manpower and I told them all this guy was talking to me and I don't want to get into trouble but I didn't... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 22
  • #869800

They have one of the worst customer service skills. They hire unprofessional people as supervisors for their clients.  waste of time..they will always say i will call u

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 14
  • #865343

Very unprofessional. Joseph Novello is an ***.

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This company is terrible. My recruiter has supposedly been doing this years and yet doesn't understand how businesses operate. Be careful they will hire for jobs that aren't real.

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They have one of the worst customer service skills. They hire unprofessional people as supervisors for their clients. The lady Aimee that works their looks like she needs a bath/grooming and shes the phoniest office aide their. They hire and fire people for bogus and false reasons. They demand cause they dont ask of you things and they dont even give you a break when it comes to absences,you can even take a day to goto the doctor or take care of... Read more

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This company is horrible. Especially former Employees Ellen Dizard and Shane Weaver. They falsified documents to EEOC claiming I refused to be trained when I continually said I would be willing to come into be tested. Claimed I tried to extort money from them when actually I received a bribe attempt from Ms. Dizard. Mr. Weaver has continued his abhorable behavior with his new employer. He fired me and then when Manpower told him he was... Read more

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The worst most discriminatory agency I've ever come across. You will get fired if your a mother and don't have sufficient "babysitters". I was told by Debbie the manager at the Pickering office,"As a mother, I should have more back up" before my contact was terminated for not having a sitter during a PA day at my son's school. They say they are willing to help and are understanding which are all lies. Beware of this person, she discriminates. I... Read more

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